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The Czech Fury was successful, leading you through Czech Republic but now, “The Final Thrust” is your next living history trip in Europe. We will be following the tracks of the 9th Infantry Division that liberated Belgium in early September 1944. Dates are already known : from 1 to 8 September 2016

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Bits of history

In late August 1944, the First U.S. Army was rushing towards Belgian border. On 1st September, the U.S. units are ready to cross the borders the next day. But if they crossed Northern France quite easy, they did not have any intelligence concerning what they had to expect beyond the border. Some Generals were thinking that the retreating Germans were organizing a strong defense all along the border, using each force that was able to escape the Falaise Gap. Combat divisions needed good intelligence to fill the gap of information.

The Ninth Division created few groups similar to the task forces, in order to gather the intelligence and reconnaissance assets, to become the eyes of the division in front and find a way through Belgium in order to reach the German border.

Captain Charles Scheffel (then 1st Lieutenant), C/39th Inf. Rgt. commander

So was created the officially named “Divisional Reserve” led by Captain Charles Scheffel, composed of C/39th Inf. Rgt., Light Tank Platoon of 746th Tk. Bn., a reconnaissance section of the 9th Recon. Tp. and the intelligence and reconnaissance assets of the 39th Inf. Rgt.

The Final Thrust 2016

Discover the history of this task force for six days in Belgium, following the exact roads they took seventy-two years before, starting at the French-Belgian border to end on the Belgian-German border. Six days to cross Belgium, gather intelligence, perform reconnaissance patrols and report the higher echelon about what is waiting you beyond the Meuse River. Follow the path of the Heroes of the 9th Infantry Division, and learn about them on every historical spots where they were.

From September 1st to 8th, take part to this aventure that follows the standards of the 2nd Armored in Europe association’s trips. Find more information about this living history trip through the pages of this website, and if you are up for this, click on the registration label and send your registration form !


Finally, this website will be updated everytime a new information comes up. Please, check the update page to be sure you do not miss any important information concerning your participation in this trip !


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